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Over the years I had the wonderful opportunity to portray well over 500 people. A few professional more or less well-known faces were among them, but the overwhelming majority were people like you and me. And most of them were actually in front of a camera for the first time with me.



Thousands of photos

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During all these shootings, of course, many thousands of pictures were taken, which I would now like to present as part of this project. There were many pure beauty and portrait shootings, but also a whole series of nude or partial nude shootings. I like to portray people, whether they are dressed or not.

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Aesthetic portrait and nude portrait photography

I've been a passionate photographer for many years. I am at home in many genres. I came to portrait photography relatively late. I had never known and certainly had no idea how much fun it would be to photograph people. I started doing it in 2008 and since then have carried out hundreds of shootings with countless people. It was mostly women, but I also had a number of men in front of the camera. Many of the photos were made in the studio. I had my own for a couple of years and did photography professionally during that time.

Today I mainly take photos for my own projects. Very much in the nature, but just as much in a rental studio or in another location. And I will continue to be true to portrait photography.

I've been really hardworking over the years and a new photo set will appear here every day for the next few months! So coming back could be worth it.


After various other projects, I will essentially only collect my portrait and nude photography on this page and like to show it. And for this I would like to do more shootings in the future and always look for models who have fun standing in front of the camera.

I like to portray people, whether they are dressed or undressed. And so you'll find a lot of nude portraits in my gallery. I ask for your understanding that the nude galleries have a small access restriction. If you like, you can raise the bar for a small fee and use it to support upcoming shootings a little.

Whether I live up to my own claim to produce aesthetic portrait and nude portrait photography, I leave it to your own judgment.

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